The Buzzards Model Flying Club is situated in the Northwest Area of Northern Ireland close to Coleraine. Last year we lost our flying site through no fault of our own, but like a phoenix from the ashes we have rose again and found a new site which we are now using.
As well as a New Site we also have been successful in getting a grant from the Big Lottery fund and was awarded £9610:00 which we have used to put the finishing touches to the site.
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all the members of the club for not only the time they put into it but also for digging deep in their pockets and making donations which allowed us to carry on, the grant aid was the icing on the cake.
The club would also like to Thank Rex Humphries our Landlord who has been a great help, and also the Jet Centre in Coleraine, and of course the Lottery Fund.

As today the 21.07.2016 is the day the Lottery will annouce on their website that we have got the grant we are now free to tell the world. The strip is not fully mature yet and is not really suitable for jets or large heavy models but we have been flying most other models on it. It is ideal for Multicopters as there is miles of open countryside in front of the site.

Unfortunately ther 7th August doesn't suit all the members for a fly-in so we will re-schedule at later date.


An aerial shot of the site after the initial buldozing and and levelling. This site was barren land and a lot of work went into it and a strip had to be top soiled and seeded.
The site after the top soil was laid and more trees levelled.
The field coming into shape.
The field with cabin on site car park and strip growing
The secure Clubhouse
Can't help I just have the urge to type"Last of the Summer Wine"
Roberts Hawk which flew well.
David Dalys Mosquitoo getting checked prior to its maiden flight in the hands of Clifford Wallace and it flew like a dream
So as you can see The Buzzards are in action again so come along on the 7th August 2016 to out Fly in which will be more like a meet and greet. More photos will be added here shortly.